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Cookie Bar Party Dessert Table by Kookie Krums

For the love of cuteness . . . I cannot even get over how fun parties with dessert bars are! Don’t you love them?! And don’t your kids love them?! My kids think it is the greatest thing ever. If they get to pick out treats from a whole table full of treats, they feel like they’ve just won the lottery! You can take any party from just a so-so party to a “OMG that was the best party ever” with a dessert table. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kid party or an adult party, every age loves a dessert table!

Here’s what I love about dessert tables: you can take care of two things at once. And I am crazy about doing things efficiently and in the least amount of steps. Because who has time for anything else?! You can set up a dessert table, add some cute little take out containers, or some little printed cellophane bags, and you instantly not only have your dessert table, but also your party favors!! Think about using little boxes like you get with your Chinese takeout, or round plastic containers that can be layered with several different treats. You can also use a variety of cellophane bags, they’re easy to find in various designs and prints at any store. For a kid’s party, you could even set out Ziploc bags with sharpies and let the kids decorate their own bag. Small white paper bags work great for this too!

Let’s be honest, there are very few party favors any of us need to take home with us. You know what I’m talking about, the little trinkets from the dollar store that you end up throwing out when you clean out your car next week, the little horns that are so annoyingly loud you just want to find the person that invented them and do bodily harm (I’m kidding . . . kind of), the nonsense that nobody knows what to do with except taking it home and throw it away later. But sweets – everyone loves it! Cookies, candies, cake pops, any kind of edible treats, you can make a fabulous table with all of it! You will wow your guests, and you’ll give them something they actually want to take home with them!  And what a sweet reminder of your party when they go to eat one of their treats later!

We’re showing you some pictures of a cookie table today, but really the possibilities are endless!

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Janet, owner of Kookie Krums

Do you know what one of my favorite things about being a small business owner is? It’s being able to personally serve my customers in the way they need it.  Here’s what I mean by that.

If you order from a big company online, you can make some adjustments to your order, within the confines of the web form. You can sometimes chat with a person online, who is just sitting behind a computer answering questions all day. A few companies will still try their best to accommodate if you call and want to make a special request.

But serving my customers where they need me is WHERE. IT’S. AT. to me. My customers have called me at home, and called my cell phone, because they had a question or needed to check on something and it was after store hours. And you know what? I always answer my phone when I can (which is almost always possible unless I’m elbow deep into a kid mess going on). Customers have worked out everything from quick orders to huge catering needs via text, because you just can’t always take care of everything during business hours, but sometimes you just need to get it done and off your plate.

My customers have asked me to text them a picture of the bouquet they ordered before it goes out the door. This is not just sending a stock photo, people! This is me stopping what I’m doing, and taking a real time picture of EXACTLY what I’m sending out the door for them. And I think that’s awesome!

My customers have called to say the baby is still sleeping when they’re due to pick up their order, or their job had an emergency come up when they were supposed to be picking up their marketing gifts, all kinds of things – and because I absolutely love to give personalized, above the expectation service, I am more than happy to adjust, accommodate, and serve wherever I can!  You don’t get to do that in a large corporation!!

But here’s the thing… because I’m the owner of this incredible shop, I get to make the rules! And my rules dictate that the customer truly does come first. Life doesn’t always fit in all of the boxes we have to check, and when it doesn’t, wouldn’t you like to have one thing on your plate just be easy? I would! And that’s why I love to make gift giving easy for you.

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One of my customers is always finding the most beautiful designs and asking me to recreate them for her. I love it because it challenges me in all the right places. You know how when you’re good at something, sometimes you can lose that deep down satisfaction that comes from doing that thing for a minute? That happens to me sometimes, so when I get a project for something I’ve never done before, it inspires my creativity and requires me to put everything into it.
This was such a fun project. It started out as a 3’ x 3’ empty wooden tray. Yep, you read that correctly … one yard by one yard! I’ll admit I was a little intimidated by that piece of wood initially. Once I started pulling everything together though, from the fresh fruit, to cheese and crackers, to cookies and brownies and cookie cups, it became a creative spirit’s dream.
This was created for a surprise birthday party, and I think it would be so fabulous for any party. It would be an incredible centerpiece for any table, and I love how everything works together to create the most gorgeous arrangement.
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Growing up in Kookie Krums
Do y’all remember when I bought this shop and Hailey was a tiny little two and a half year old? At three, she would put on her princess dress (we had every princess to choose from) and announce she was ready to go to work. She has literally grown up with me at the shop. When we first started, she loved putting up the open sign and turning the lights on. Holy wow, would she give me a look if I put up the open sign before she got to it!!
Over the years, she learned to do every job, from baking to serving customers. For years, she begged me to let her help the customers. And a lot of times she did! Every once in a while there would be a customer that didn’t want her to help them because of her age, and she would get so frustrated. We both know she could have done it just fine, but some people just aren’t comfortable with that, and that’s ok. She became my right hand girl at the festivals, keeping track of what needed to be done and making sure we were organized and on schedule. This girl is an organizing master … she loves getting everything in perfect order.
Every summer, she’s been in the shop, helping in any way she could. Still pressing against those age boundaries, still wanting to be given more responsibility, still learning the ins and outs. Now she’s a teenager, so naturally she’s learning to help with responding to emails and creating social media posts. Her talents and gifts have grown with her, and it’s really been amazing to watch her. She knows what I’m thinking almost before I even finish a sentence, and she reminds me when I get busy and lose track of a timeline.
This summer, though, has been her year to shine. She’s the first to greet a customer when they walk in the door, ready to offer them their selection in a cutely wrapped package, just because she, like me, loves to see their smile of appreciation. She has a routine when we get to the shop, and she executes that routine flawlessly. She’s in the kitchen baking right alongside me, and handling so many aspects of the shop with knowledge and tenacity. I see her work ethic blossoming and growing, and it makes me teary eyed with pride.
When I bought this shop almost twelve years ago, I hoped that Hailey would grow to love it as I did. I loved having this thing that we shared, that was just always part of us. It brings me so much joy that many of the memories we share revolve around this business that has come so far.
Last week, she got to be in charge while I ran to an appointment. I did what I think all business owners do when they leave their business in someone else’s hands for the first time. I made lists, I reviewed everything, and then did it again. I tried to think of every scenario that may come up and walk her through it. Not surprisingly, she hit it out of the park. Like I mean she really, really did great. I got texts and pictures while I was gone of all the stuff she was handing.
And that was the thing. She was handling it. She DID handle it. She was so proud of herself, for good reason. I am so proud. That little princess from eleven years ago would make any woman entrepreneur stop and take notice. That’s my girl, and this is our shop. I, for one, will be eternally grateful for this time we’ve had together. I hope it defines her life just a fraction of how it has defined mine.
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New Shirt Designs from Kookie Krums

It’s just a given in my household that I will have a tshirt to wear for every occasion. The kids make fun of me for it now, and roll their eyes, but  I love them, and there’s just no going back. When I had my baby, I ordered a tshirt. When I adopted my little girl, I custom designed a tshirt. Bought a business? Accessorized it with the shirts. When I married into a blended family, I bought the shirt. Don’t forget the engagement and new wife shirts in there too. Yep, I have a few of them. Child started playing a sport? I wore it. Hubby started coaching a team? You guessed it, I found the cutest tshirt to wear to his games. I’m obsessed, I know it, and I own it.

So it was only a matter of time before I started looking into designing a line of tshirts for the Kookie Krums brand. We’ve sold shirts in the past (shocker), but we’ve never done our own custom line. I don’t know why, really, I mean, how could I have missed the possibility?! But here we are, and they are just fantastic. We partnered with an awesome company out of Tennessee, Parker Grace Designs, to find the softest tshirts in the prettiest shades of color. We added our own funny quips, because aren’t the very best shirts the funny ones?!  Life can always use more smiles, more laughter. We now have available, for you, our initial four designs. They are, of course, available in our shop, and are also available online.

Do you have a friend who shares my love of tshirts? You can pick one out for a gift, and we’ll wrap it up in the cutest packaging, just like we do all of our gifts. Shipping is always available, so you can send it directly and have the perfect gift arrive on their doorstep. Are you a fan of tshirts? Pick out one (or four) for yourself! They really are so soft I don’t even want to take them off.  The shirts fit true to size, although if you want a more fitted style, I do recommend sizing down one size. That’s what I did, and I really love the fit.

In the meantime, I’ll just be over here rocking my cookie shirts. Because what’s the point of being the Cookie Lady if you don’t have the cute tshirt to go with it?!

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School will be starting back in a few weeks …. can I get an amen from all the moms who are ready for summer to be done already?!
Let me first just give a shout out to all the teachers. Every single one of you has my utmost respect, and I cannot even begin to find the words to express the gratitude I have for you pouring into these young lives.
The beginning of the year is filled with a lot of anxiety for me. One of my daughters requires some extra help, so the start of school is filled with IEP meetings, classroom placement considerations, and teacher meetings. My girl was so blessed to have an amazing principal for her first several years. I will never forget a conversation I had with her one day when I was overwhelmed with the stress of all the decisions that had to be made. She took my hand, looked me in the eyes, and in a gentle voice, gave me these words. She said, “Find your team. You are not alone, and you will find that so many people are right next to you, pouring their hearts into your girl. Find them. Find the people that want to help your girl do her very best, and then appreciate them in every single way. Build relationships with them, thank them, and love on them. They will always be there for you.”
That’s exactly what I did. I can’t even tell you how many people have stepped in to help my daughter succeed. And that is what I remember at the start of every year. Don’t wait for Hallmark to tell you to appreciate your child’s teachers and helpers. Don’t wait for the administration to designate a week. Don’t wait for a holiday. Find the people who are pouring into your child, and appreciate them as much as you can. They will earn it.
Oh, and the principal who told me that? She refers to herself as my daughter’s “school mom.” She follows her progress and recommends teachers and extra help for her. And guess what, she does all of this, and she’s not even her principal anymore. I told you she’s amazing.
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My little family business has grown by quite a lot! What started out as a business for me, when my daughter was two years old, first grew to a steady business that supported me as a single mom with two daughters, and has now grown into a family affair of myself, my new husband (love saying that!) and our seven – SEVEN – children! I love documenting our life, because I love to look back and see how far I’ve come . . . how far we’ve all come. When I first bought this adorable little shop, I had no idea what I was doing, except that I knew it would give me the opportunity to be creative every single day and that was my passion. Now, eleven years later, I have so much fun sharing my stories of being a small business owner, having a great big blended melting pot of a family, and all the organized chaos that goes along with keeping everything running like a machine.

I think as women we often sell ourselves short. We don’t give ourselves, or other women, the credit due for running a business, caring for a family, and taking care of a home. Many times we’re sold on the idea that we have to choose, that we can be one thing, but not all things. I was never content with that. I wasn’t content to be a stay at home mom and not work. I love to work! I give all the credit in the world to the moms who stay home with their children – they clearly were in the line getting patience while I was doing who knows what – but it just wasn’t me. I never found my niche there. Where I do feel comfortable, what is my niche, is owning my own business while being a mom and a wife. I thrive on taking care of my children, my family, and my customers (many of whom have become my chosen family). I proudly stand beside countless women who want the same, and I relish the idea that there’s plenty of room in the pool for all of us, and by lifting up each other we can all do it all together!

My plan is for this little space to be my spot. If you came to visit me at my home, or at my shop, I would offer you a stool to perch on, a delicious cup of hot coffee, and probably more conversation than you bargained for, because I tend to be an over-sharer. My friends all know that one of my new year’s resolutions every single year is to be able to answer the phone and say “no, nothing new here, what’s going on with you?” But none of us really believe that will ever happen. I ALWAYS have a story to tell! So this is where I will welcome you, to come behind the counter, sit with me for a while, and hear the craziness that makes up all of my life, both business and family. I hope you leave each time you visit with laughter, love, and plenty of sweets. I truly am so glad you are here.

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