One of my customers is always finding the most beautiful designs and asking me to recreate them for her. I love it because it challenges me in all the right places. You know how when you’re good at something, sometimes you can lose that deep down satisfaction that comes from doing that thing for a minute? That happens to me sometimes, so when I get a project for something I’ve never done before, it inspires my creativity and requires me to put everything into it.
This was such a fun project. It started out as a 3’ x 3’ empty wooden tray. Yep, you read that correctly … one yard by one yard! I’ll admit I was a little intimidated by that piece of wood initially. Once I started pulling everything together though, from the fresh fruit, to cheese and crackers, to cookies and brownies and cookie cups, it became a creative spirit’s dream.
This was created for a surprise birthday party, and I think it would be so fabulous for any party. It would be an incredible centerpiece for any table, and I love how everything works together to create the most gorgeous arrangement.