Teacher Gifts . . . at the top of parent’s lists every year. We love to gift our teachers, don’t we? They do such a fantastic job teaching our little (and not so little) ones every day, and everyone agrees how over-worked and under-appreciated they are! But sometimes the pressure of figuring out WHAT to give the teacher is overwhelming! Good thing for you we’re a one-stop-shop that can take care of all the teachers on your list in a minute!

Our favorite teacher gift is a cookie box. These boxes come in all kinds of holiday designs to match the personality of your child’s teacher. Whether they’re fun, classy, manly . . . we’ve got designs for everyone! The standard option that most people choose is to fill the box with a dozen cookies. We wrap the cookies in cellophane, arrange them in the box with tissue and shred, and tie it all up in cellophane topped off with a festive bow. At only $18.95, this is a beautiful gift that makes a statement, and still comes in under the usual budget of about $20.00.

If your kid’s teacher is a coffee or cocoa drinker, then our holiday mug is another great gift. You can do these one of two ways . . . you can choose a cookie bouquet in a mug, with a half dozen cookies artfully arranged. Or, you can choose a mug filled with goodies – a few cookies, a packet of coffee or cocoa, and a chocolate spoon or two – YUM!! The mugs range from $14.50 to $21.95 depending on which way you want to go.

This year we have some really adorable holiday plates that make such a fun gift when they’re filled with cookies. These start at $14.50 as well. We’re also stocked up on some very cute containers that teachers can use in their classroom every season! Once they devour the cookies, they’ll still have a holiday container to pull out every season and put to good use.

I personally think consumable gifts are the best gifts. I mean, how many teachers do you know that are hoping for another apple ornament or another pencil wall hanging with their name on it? With consumable gifts, they can enjoy the treats without the clutter! And they have some really yummy goodies that they can share with their family and friends. Give us a call today and we’ll help you say a very SWEET thank you to every teacher on your list!